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Writers Retreats with Rachel

January 2024: Gumbaynggir Country, NSW

Write: The Inner Work


Guiding principles:


Connect with your inner muse

Daily writing exercises led by Rachel

Relax into the daily guided meditations

Immerse yourself in a pristine environment

Nourish yourself with nutritious meals provided by a local chef

Enjoy both company and moments of silence

Additional options: Treat yourself to a relaxation massage or shiatsu



Picturesque, inspiring environments chosen for the retreats to aid creativity and calmness.

Peaceful surroundings to call in your Muse.

meditating in nature.jpg

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation – to inspire your creativity, release your worries and still your mind.

Meditate to the sound of nature

Fall Salad

Vegetarian Cuisine

Wholesome vegetarian cuisine for your enjoyment – have you bean spoilt lately? (vegan available)

Lunches and dinners provided by a chef, but first night is Pot Luck. Share the love of food!



Enjoy a short walk through surrounding nature, listen to the sounds of the wildlife and relax under the shady trees.

Be as One with the healing power of green as you immerse yourself in the forest. Enjoy the tranquility.

My gratitude:

I enjoy immensely providing Writing Retreats for fellow writers who seek to go within and find their Voice. Spending time in a pristine environment working away on our magic is both encouraging and liberating.

I have had the great honour of facilitating workshops alongside talented writers: Geoff Collins, author of the astoundingly humorous The Adventures and Exploits Of Mabel Hawkins series; Jacqueline Winn, novelist with two brilliant collections of award-winning short stories: Once More With Feeling and Salt And Pepper. And Adrienne Ferreira, author of the intriguing YA novel, Watercolours.

I employ outstanding chefs who live by the mantra: 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine...' (Hippocrates) and lure us into the dining room with aromatic spices only the Gods of cuisine could understand. Or shall I say Goddesses. For my Jaspers Village Resort Writers Retreat we were served and bowed down to chef extraordinaire, Angie Cowen. And the incomparable Jean Davy served up delicious, nutritious and almost fictitious meals at the Falls Forest Writers Retreat. Who knew a flower could be so yummy.

Body Work is given time with Meditation, Qigong, and Massage. I am a qualified Meditation and Martial Arts instructor and I also employ highly professional and intuitive therapists for our retreats. When the body relaxes, the mind doth follow.

A huge thank you to all who have come along to experience one of my Writers Retreats. I have learnt and grown as both a person and a writer with your knowledge, support and most importantly, love.


Fiona McArthur, Romance Writer, South West Rocks, NSW.

Dining on tasty vegetarian food created by the talented chef, Jean Davy, was a welcomed delight for me.

Rachel, thinking of your gentle guidance every time I practise my Qiong, and grateful. Thank you for a truly enriching experience. I did indeed relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with Spirit. Your medication leadership is inspiring, as is your 7 Senses writing workshop. You were the heart and soul of the weekend. Thank you for reminding me that there are people who just want to do good, and help others, and share the peace they found. I am truly grateful for that.

Julie, Taylor’s Arm

After listening to our wonderful speakers and established writers, I was feeling more confident with my work as the encouragement that I received was nothing short of amazing. I want more than ever to complete what I have started with my writing - what Spirit has led me to which is a blessing and a gift that I wish to share.

I had a wonderful weekend: meeting others, sharing our passions, and just relaxing with massages, walks and much laughter as well as many insightful hints and amazing stories. We all had a weekend filled with knowledge, healthy food - which was just divine. Thanks, Rachel, for the adventure into the world of wonder through words.

Rosemary, Telegraph Point, NSW.

A humorous writer, Geoff Collins presented an entertaining yet valuable insight in not only writing humour but how to write a particular type of genre using mental imagery. He also encouraged us to focus on what we do want- to succeed in anything in life including our writing.

Thank you, Rachel, for all your hard work and wonderful efforts in organising and running the first Creative Writer’s Retreat at Falls Forest.


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