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The Lotus of Love

A complete collection of 60  guidance cards to guide you back to Love.

The Lotus of Love guidance cards focus on self love, self expression, self care and inner health. 

Think of a question to ask your guides or a statement which sums up a particular issue or situation you are presently focusing on.

Shuffle the Lotus of Love cards to your liking.

Choose a card to help guide you toward a solution and harmony.


Express Love

Listen To Your Intuition

Ask your intuition for assistance in resolving this issue. This may come in the form of a ‘gut’ feeling, ‘hearing’ internally the solution, coming across ‘signs’ or symbols. You will then be equipped with some further information which can shed light on this situation. The solution lies within you.


Self Love

Realise How Much You Have To Offer

When we are met with something that appears over-whelming or daunting, we can forget how much we know and how far we’ve come. Recall your skill-set, tap into your intentions, and remember your strengths. Pull together any necessary resources with a clear plan of action and realise that you have so much to offer. Go forth with confidence!



The Light From Within Shines Through

When we focus our energy on light, we automatically move from darkness. We all have love to share so take time to allow this light source to come to the fore. Affirm: The Light From Within Shines Through and see your beacon shine brighter. You can help and heal yourself and others with the love you have to give.


Inner Health

Think Positively

In order for our dreams to come true, we need to be positive in both thought and emotion. Fill yourself with joy, so that you can really ‘feel’ the experience in the Now.

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